Tour duration: 2 days

Who this off-road tour is for :
This is a unique tour and not suitable for the casual tourist wanting to see the countryside at a leisurely pace. This ride is for an already experienced rider, or someone wanting to try a real off-road experience for the first time. The guide’s knowledge of the area allows for the tour to be adapted to suit your riding style and the weather conditions at the time. It’s an adventure that has been built to provide you with a big challenge, in a small amount of time.


Tour Itinerary :


8:00 Meeting time at Nation 7 (MAP) to prepare luggage and discuss the day ahead.8:30 After a light breakfast (bánh mì thịt ‘Vietnamese bread roll’) we get on the road.Our first stop is at a cafe just after we cross the Dong Nai river into Bien Hoa leaving Ho Chi Minh City and the traffic behind. There we can check all our gear, make adjustments if needed, and then relax while drinking a cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese style drip filtered coffee; served with condensed milk and ice), or a sinh tố (fruit smoothie).

After the break, we catch the first ferry of the day and ride a few open country roads as we head towards the southern border of Cat Tien National Park. There we stop for an early lunch and to stock up on water before going off-road, and off the map.

The remainder of the day is flexible and dictated to by the weather, group riding style and size, energy levels, and the unpredictable roads along the way.

17:00 Reach the park’s main entrance, where a hot shower and a cold beer await our arrival.

Our accommodation for the night is on the banks of the Dong Nai River where the staff will prepare a small banquet for us using fresh ingredients gathered from the local area.


8:00 – 9:00 Breakfast and riding prep.

We head north out of town and ride over a few footbridges into farmland, passing through villages along the way and riding on either sealed or unsealed tracks depending on the conditions at hand. It’s a casual start to the day and gives people a chance to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings as we pass by rice fields being worked by the locals.

After stopping for a short break the ride doubles back and we head south on the journey back to the city.

Note: This is an adventure tour and arrival times often change without warning. There’s even the possibility of a change in the destination. ‘Ride Breaks’ are guaranteed though, and are taken every 2 hours along the way for us to relax, have a coffee/water/soft drink and regroup.

Price : 320$/person (min. 2 persons) (price does not include VAT)

Choose your date :

Includes :

  • All accommodation;
  • All meals & drinks;
  • All fares & fees;
  • Motorbike & Fuel;
  • Open-face Helmet;
  • Riding jacket;
  • Hydration Backpack;
  • Wet Weather Gear;
  • Dry Bag for Luggage;

Excludes :

  • Alcohol;
  • Tips & Gratuities;
  • Police Fines;
  • Private Expenses;
  • Vehicle Damage;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Liability Insurance;