Tour duration: 3 days

Who this adventure tour is for :

Anybody and everybody. This is the perfect adventure for both the beginner or experienced rider. It suits those with off-road experience or those without. Each day the route is adjusted by the hour to suit your riding style.

If you’re a beginner, the amount of track riding done won’t bother you. If you’re experienced, we’ll find something to challenge you along the way. Regardless of experience it’s never a race. The beauty of riding in Vietnam is only seen when riding at a safe pace that allows you to see the small things going on in the background.

Ride too fast, and you won’t see the goats strapped to the back of the bike. The family standing on the side of the road waving hello to the foreign face. Or the herd of cows around the corner.


Tour Itinerary :

Each ‘Riding Day’ starts between the hours of 8 & 9 am. Breakfast and bike prep is done before this time.
30 minute ‘Ride Breaks’ are taken every 2 hours for coffee/water/soft drink/energy drink (conditions may dictate we stop more frequently).
1 hour ‘Lunch Break’ is taken between the hours of 12 & 1 pm
Each day is set to arrive at the planned destination by 5 pm.
However, this is an adventure tour with many variables along the way. Destination times and places may change without warning.



The destination is Cat Tien National Park, a tropical forest located to the northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Rather than sharing the road with trucks, buses, cars and countless numbers of bikes, we go the long way round and take our time. Spending most of the ride on quiet country roads, we get close to the environment, and see a bit of how people go about life in the countryside as we ride by, or they ride by us.

To get to the quieter roads we need the use of a couple of small ferries to cross the river. Once over the river the traffic drops off almost instantly and we’re left to enjoy the quiet roads with the cows, perhaps some water buffalo, a few goats, chickens, ducks, …

The first night’s accommodation keeps us as close to the environment as possible. The rooms are on the edge of the Dong Nai river with the Cat Tien National Park just opposite. The perfect place to relax and reflect on the day without the chaos of the city as a distraction.


We take some short off-road tracks and pass through villages to begin with as we head up and over the southern end of the Central Highlands. Then we make the descent along the winding roads to the coast.

After the descent, we pass through rice fields before reaching the coast road.

Day two finishes in the coastal fishing town of Lagi. Our accommodation is in town, and after getting cleaned up we stroll the streets for a while until a place with the right mixture of menu and ambience catches our eye. It’s safe to say that seafood will be on the menu.



The return to chaos.

There are a few different ways to get back to the city. Through plantations and farmlands, perhaps some off-road sections, or along sealed paths that link towns together that are only wide enough for one bike. That’s something that you’ll unknowingly decide on the day. It is an adventure afterall.

Price : 575$/person (min. 2 person) (price does not include VAT)

Choose your date :

Includes :

  • All accommodation;
  • All meals & drinks;
  • All fares & fees;
  • Motorbike & Fuel;
  • Open-face Helmet;
  • Riding jacket;
  • Hydration Backpack;
  • Wet Weather Gear;
  • Dry Bag for Luggage;

Excludes :

  • Alcohol;
  • Tips & Gratuities;
  • Police Fines;
  • Private Expenses;
  • Vehicle Damage;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Liability Insurance;