Tour duration: 2-3 days


Who this off-road tour is for :

The Mekong Motorbike Adventure is perfect for people with an interest in local culture and foods. This tours allow people to experience the non-touristy side of the Mekong delta, which is otherwise nearly impossible to see. If you enjoy an adventure activity then hop on a motorbike and experience the best of the Mekong delta. This tour is suitable for all motorbike skill sets and will hopefully provide a small challenge to the newer drivers out there! For everyone else, this is a casual motorbike trip with amazing people and foods!


Tour Itinerary :
Day 1 – Bến Tre Province
Distance: ~170kms

Difficulty: Easy, only few very uneven roads.
10% highway, 60% small local roads and 30% dirt roads.

Drive to Bến Tre in early morning.
Drive through farmlands and passing by ferries.
Reach Bến Tre City for lunch.
Leave Bến Tre City passing by bridges and themarket.
Visit the fruit orchards of Cái Mơn.
Stay at a homestay in Cái Mơn.
Have dinner at the homestay.
Sleep in at the homestay.


Day 2 – Tân Phong island

Distance: ~150kms
Difficulty: Moderate, some slim very uneven roads.
20% highway, 50% small roads and 30% dirt roads.

2 day Finish: Head to Long An province for a final local dinner
before heading back to HCMC.
3 day tour extra: Make a complete tour of the Tân Phong island, a very natural and stunning location.
3 day tour extra: BBQ dinner in a remote field.

Have breakfast at the homestay.
Go kayaking in the river.
Drive through Bến Tre’s farms and fields.
Reach the island of Tân Phong island for brunch.
Drive around the island and pick up fruits
around the gardens.


Day 3 – Cái Bè

Distance: ~110kms
Difficulty: Moderate, some slim very uneven roads.
20% highway, 50% small roads and 30% dirt roads.

This day starts with a full morning by boat. A unique and famous feature of the Mekong Delta is the floating markets. Nearly every tourist goes to Can Tho for the famous floating market, but it has been overrun by commercial tourism. We go to a local natural floating market with a diverse range of products. Very few tourists get to see this phenomenal floating market. The boat continues on to a industrial rice market (no tourists) and it’s an opportunity to talk about the Vietnamese economy. We also go to a famous old house that has some of the oldest and most expensive wood in the country.

Have breakfast at the homestay.
We go to Cái Bé’s floating market.
We see the commercial fruit floating market
We also see the industrial rice floating market
We visit the old houses and cruise the river on a private boat.
We buy the lunch ingredients at the market.
We come back for lunch to the homestay.
We ride on the way back until our last dinner destination in the Long An province.
We return to HCMC in the evening.

Price : 230$/person/2days 1night - 350$/person/3days 2nights (min. 2 persons) (price does not include VAT)

Choose your date :

Includes :

  • All meals & drinks;
  • Motorbike rental & Fuel;
  • Motorbike Damage Waiver (don’ worry about crashing!);
  • English/French/Vietnamese/Spanish Speaking Guide;
  • All meals, water and soft drinks/beer;
  • Accommodation in local home stays;

Excludes :

  • Alcohol;
  • Tips & Gratuities;
  • Police Fines;
  • Private Expenses;
  • Vehicle Damage;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Liability Insurance;