Vietnam is a nation that moves on two wheels. Many tourists coming to Vietnam for the first time are wondering why motorbikes are such a popular form of transport here. About 95% of registered vehicles in Vietnam are motorbikes or scooters. Let’s see what the reasons of that are:
⚫ It’s easier and more convenient to drive through many tiny alleys and you can reach almost every spot you’ve chosen.

⚫ You don’t have to waste space to park your vehicle.

⚫ You can carry almost everything on your motorbike. Sometimes tourists are shocked how Vietnamese people can manage to put so many things on one small motorbike. People visiting Vietnam think that they need at least a van to carry all of those items safely.

⚫ It’s more affordable to buy a motorbike in Vietnam – the government applied a really high tax on cars which means that only rich citizens can afford one.

Even though the riding style of locals can be confusing for a lot of foreigners and described at least as haphazard, there are some basic rules to follow for a drivers and passengers driving in Vietnam.

Rule #1 for everyone: Always wear your helmet! That is a mandatory rule for everyone and traffic enforcement will always stop you when you are driving without one on your head.

Rule #2: There are no rules and you have to get used to that!  If you are a driver – everything you know about official road rules is out the window. It’s common to see people going through the one-way street flying down the wrong way or ignoring the traffic lights. If you are a passenger, even though it’s scary at first – you have to put your trust in a local driver and just enjoy the ride.

Rule #3: Safety first! Remember about the fact that drinking and driving rate in Vietnam is really high. Probably police will never pull you over for that, especially in rural areas. The question is, should you? Never. Don’t do things you wouldn’t do in your country and be aware that other drivers can be a threat and always keep your eyes open.

Rule #4 Speeding! Don’t drive too fast as you will have to avoid a lot of things on your route (animals, oil spills, pot holes) and be in control at all times.

Rule #5 Always use your common sense!

Additionally, don’t be afraid of horns. In Vietnam people are using it to say to others “Hey buddy, I am here, watch out.”

Enjoy your rides in Vietnam – as this is the best way to see the country and experience everyday life of Vietnamese people!