Are the trips suitable for children?

Of course, we were hosting a lot of families before and our little guests were always excited and happy about this kind of adventure. Older children can be a passenger alone, for younger ones we recommend to drive with other adult. During the tours with children we can adjust the stops (we can also add to our “menu”: coconut ice creams, more desserts and fruits).

Are these tours safe for any age?

Whether you’re 7 or 70, our tours are great for all ages! Saigonrides are extremely comfortable and safe.

How do we pay for our tour and what are the cancellation conditions?

Booking payment is the only way you can secure motorbikes and guide for your Vietnam adventures on two wheels.
We offer couple ways of payment for our clients:

  • Bank transfer (you can transfer us money in USD, EUR or PLN)
  • PayPal or other online payments system (+5%)
  • Revolut

Cancellation and reschedule conditions:

We unfortunately cannot refund any portion of anybody’s payment if they miss the tour without any notice whatsoever to us beforehand.
If you’d like to cancel your trip please contact us as soon as it’s possible via phone or email. If you’d cancel your trip one month before or earlier you’d get the full refund.

As for refunds for reservations being cancelled less than one month before, our policy is as follows:

  • 0% with less than one week prior to scheduled trip
  • 40% with less than two weeks prior to scheduled trip
  • 60% with less than three weeks prior to scheduled trip
  • 80% with less than four weeks prior to scheduled trip

When desired, we can almost always switch dates free of charge, however we make no promises because it all depends on availability of our drivers and tour guides.

Is there a minimum number of people we need to book a tour?

We run our daily tours as long as a minimum of 2 person has signed up.

What if I am vegan/vegetarian?

We will provide vegan/vegetarian option during your trip. Vietnamese cuisine vegan-friendly, it offers a lot of dishes suitable for your diet. Just let us know about your needs beforehand

What if it will rain during the tour?

The tour will take place regardless of the weather. Driver will have a raincoat for you. Obviously, we won’t drive through storms, we will wait until the rain stops in a cozy restaurant.

What to wear for a tour and what to bring with you?

We highly recommend you wear a comfortable shoes (not flip-flops) and casual clothes. You won’t need a bag/backpack. Please remember that in Saigon during the rainy season you might need a long-sleeve shirt, in Hanoi during winter (November-March) it might be cold (it’s good to have warm clothes).

Where do we start the tours?

We provide free pick-up and drop-off from all hotels in Saigon or Hanoi

Who are the drivers?

Our drivers are Vietnamese, all of them are driving license holders for 5 years or more. They are all experienced, used to the traffic in vietnamese cities, some of them work as a professional drivers.

Why choose Saigonrides ?

We price all of our tours according to the value we provide. Most tour companies have hidden fees and don’t provide high quality services. On Saigonrides, you won’t be reaching for your wallet. Each tour also helps out the local families we work with, who we also help out with sustainable business practices. If you’d like to join more than one Saigonrides trip, contact us and we can help give you a bundled deal.