I am from Skoczów, Poland. I am 29 years old. After studies at Jagiellonian University, I’ve been working in IT/Tourism industry (software dedicated for hotels) in Cracow, Poland and I’ve been spending every free moment on mountaineering. I live in Saigon since 2014 and because of the fact that we do not have mountains here I fell in love with motorbikes and the sense of freedom riding a motorbike could give you. During the trips I am always trying to show our guests two faces of Vietnam – the tourist one and the one that you couldn’t find in guidebooks. My favourite places in South Vietnam are: Da Lat and Mekong Delta.

Email: lukasz@polviet.com


Hello, my name is Hieu and I was born and raised in Saigon. I graduated from Hutech University in Saigon as an IT engineer. Traveling is my biggest passion and that is the reason why I am here. When you will decide to see Saigon with me – you won’t be disappointed. I know this city very well and I can show you all the secret spots with amazingly mouthwatering food and drinks. Hope to see you guys with Saigonrides!

Email: hieu@polviet.com


Xin Chao! I am a sociologist but professionally I am focused on tourism industry as a licensed tour leader. I live in Vietnam since 2001, first as a student of Vietnam National University in Hanoi, then in Saigon with my wife and sons. In Vietnam, I’ve been almost everywhere and what I love the most here is living like a local, visiting villages, getting to know local culture. I have also my alter ego – I love to spend time in good quality 5* hotels with big swimming pool and wild beach. I am also a foodie, I love to start my day with hot bowl of PHỞ BÒ.

Email: maciej@polviet.com